Fashion in the 1920's!

  • The 1920's, also known as the roaring twenties, was known as a time of change, "out with the old and in with the new!"
  • Fashion changed dramatically
    • Previous woman's clothing covered much of their bodies and was very constricted, but in the 1920's women's fashion was turned around
      • hemlines rose, making the legs the focus
      • since hems were shorter, stockings and shoes became more elaborate
      • less fabric was used for dressesspring1934cottondresses2.jpg
      • materials such as rayon were being used to make clothing to give women more mobility, naturally since women were involved in more activities. eg sports, dancing, and driving automobiles
      • brighter colors and more textures
      • pantsuits became stylish
      • beads were incorporated onto dresses hats and bags
      • the style was to be thin with no womanly curves, a "teen" look
        • dieting to become prevalent to achieve this new look
        • hair waving salons appeared
    • People in the west started growing out their nails and painting them
    • Swim Wear
      • Early 1920's
        • bathing costumes were usually neck to knee (one piece) and make of heavy materials such as wool
        • dark color
        • stockings and shoes
      • Late 1920's
    • fashions-11.jpg