• Flappers refers to young women ages 15-25 who dressed in a young "hip" wayThey typically wore:

  • -low cut dresses that revealed the neck and the throat´╗┐
  • -hems just below the knee1920s_fashion_lineup.jpg
  • -silk stockings
  • -waste-less dresses
  • -"light weight" cloths (compared to earlier dresses eg. an earlier dress might use 20yd of fabric where as 1920's dresses only used 7yd's)
  • -typically wore long strings of beads
  • -bobbed hair cuts
  • -most dyed their hair dark
  • -tight hats
  • -no corset

  • Flappers usually wore excessive makeup, danced at clubs, smoked cigarettes, and drove automobiles
  • The term "flapper" refers to the idea that they are young birds "flapping" their wings, referencing their young age and "young" ideas

    • **The loose clothing symbolized freedom from constraints from society


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