Women at work
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  • · Before the 1920’s women was not able to work. Many jobs only wanted to recruit men for there company. There jobs were mostly at home or a small paid work job.
  • · Most of the women who worked were young and single. The other ones were widows divorcees poor married women.
  • · Half a million women were enlisted as laboreres they worked on farms with there children. Picking fruit 3/4s were black
  • · Women started to work after immigrating after their male relatives, they would be the first women to establish jobs in the oil company.

  • List of the jobs women had:
1. Caretakers
2. Cooks
3. Servants
4. Spousal helpers
5. Nanny
6. Maids
7. Tailors
8. Midwives
9. Clothes ironers
10. Grew crops and Tended livestock

  • Women received less pay then the men even if the task you were doing in the job was the same.

Example: In the 1923 if men and women were getting paid to do the same job men were paid 110 pesos women were paid 50-90 pesos.

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